How much do domestic stair lifts cost?

When trying to gauge how much domestic stair lifts cost, there are many factors that need to be considered. It is very important to get the right lift from the start as replacing or upgrading a lift will cost more. Pulse Lifts have put together this small guide to help you through the lift buying process.

1. What type of stair lift do you need?

This is extremely important. Understanding which stair lift you require will help to make the buying process easier. Understanding what kinds of stair lifts are available and their uses will help you decide which Lift you require.

There are different types of domestic stair lifts, including;

Straight Stair Lifts

The most common stair lift type. They are designed for staircases which have no bends, corners or landings. They are available with different seat and footrest configurations depending on your specific needs.

Curved Stair Lifts

These stair lifts are specifically design for staircases that include a curve or bend. They are more expensive than straight stair lifts as the manufacturing is more complicated. They are also made to the exact measurements of the stair case in your home. No two curved stairlifts are the same.

Platform Stair lifts

Platform stairlifts are usually designed for use with a wheelchair. They have large, usually folding, ramped platforms that are suitable for wheelchairs. These stair lifts are predominantly used outside or in large areas because of their size.

2. What is your budget?

It is important to be realistic about the cost of a stair lift and how much domestic stair lifts cost. The average price for a straight stair lift is around £2,000. Where as the average price for a curved stair lift is around the £4,000 mark. Prices for curved stair lifts can be extremely expensive depending on the type and size of rail/frame that is required.

Our staff will advise you on a stair lift that is suitable for your specific needs whilst trying, where possible, to keep costs to a minimum.

3. Do you know anyone with a stair lift?

It is always useful to speak to people that have already purchased a stair lift. Maybe a friend of yours has recently had one installed! Ask them how they find using it, or even better, ask if you can have a look!

This will help you in your decision making. They should be able to tell you things that they particularly like about their stair lift and even maybe the things they would change.

4. Speak to professionals!

Our staff have years of experience and training in all kids of different lifts. We offer friendly advice, informative consultations and no pushy salesmen!

We will talk through you specific requirements with you in detail. This helps us recommend the right products for you from the start. This way your installed lift with really benefit you and make your life easier.

5. Consider the maintenance costs

To get the most out of any domestic stair lift it is important that it is serviced any maintained correctly. All domestic stair lifts have moving parts that need to be looked after and replaced when necessary.

Our qualified technicians will be able to give you expert advice on maintenance schedules. We want to ensure that your domestic stair lift continues to be reliable for years. Although service and maintenance costs do have to be considered, they’re probably not as much as you think.

If you would like more information about any of the points raised here, have a specific requirement, or would like a free expert consultation by one of our fully trained staff members, Contact us today!

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