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Based in the heart of the East Midlands, Pulse Lifts service an area covering all of the midlands and further afield. Midlands based lift engineers can comfortably reach a range spanning most of the country. Our convenient location means that when you need us, we can reach you in good time. We believe that our strong location is central to the level of service that we offer.

Founded by Jason Pollard nearly a decade ago, Pulse Lifts intend to bring expert midlands based lift engineers to positively impact the lift industry. Whether delivering service contracts, completing installations, carrying out maintenance or emergency repairs, Pulse Lifts carry out all work to the highest standards.

Technology is Key

Pulse lifts keep up-to-date with the latest in lift technology and methodology. The lift industry is fast paced and competitive. Making sure we keep informed on new technologies and practices enables us to deliver great products and services to our clients every time. It also ensures that our installations are as efficient as possible. This helps us to deliver on our commitment to lower carbon emissions and on being environmentally conscious.

Supporting the Lift Industry

For years Pulse Lifts has been supporting the wider lift industry through sub-contact labour and support contracts. We have worked closely with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our high standards have ensured that their great reputations have been reinforced. We have provided them with the confidence they need when dealing with a sub-contracted company.

These companies include:

  • Jackson Lift Services
  • Orona
  • Morris Vermaport Lifts
  • Sheridan Lifts

Our principles

As a modern lift engineer company we believe it is important to have a set of clear key principles. The principles that we have set out at Pulse Lifts cover a range of values, that include:

  • A reliable and friendly 24/7 customer call out service
  • A commitment to first class health and safety
  • Highly trained and self-motivated staff
  • Exceptional service and quality products
  • Training and career opportunities for our employees
  • Environmentally conscious and committed to lower carbon emissions

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Service and Maintenance

We offer first class service and maintenance contracts.

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Experienced technicians carry out all our repairs.

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Our installations are practical, cost-effective and efficient.

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Stair lifts

Our dedicated stair lift team are friendly and professional.

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